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the Room


Working the Room

A workshop providing the strategies of smart socialising for business and personal success.

If you want to understand what prevents you from approaching social business events with ease and enthusiasm, then this course is ideal for you. When completed you will know how to make them comfortable, profitable and fun. It focuses on the techniques required to work every room we enter, and to reap the benefits - both personal and professional.

This course is ideal for people who are required to attend conventions, business receptions, fund-raising events, professional dinners, hospitality functions, reunions, political gatherings, and off-site meetings.

Some of the benefits of being able to work a room with ease and grace are:

• You can make invaluable business contacts, as well as starting new friendships
• It can be an ideal opportunity to cement relationships with customers/clients or correct misconceptions and problems that may have arisen in the relationship. It is often easier to do this over a cocktail than in your customer's boardroom!
• It often provides a wonderful opportunity to gain market knowledge and "inside" information, as well as identify new market territories and key players
• You feel better about yourself, motivated and ready to tackle anything
• You make others feel more comfortable, which makes them want to do business with you -an invaluable commodity in those businesses where "chemistry" counts

The programme consists of both a theoretical and practical element. The theory part of the workshop will focus on the before, during and after elements of a social business event. The practical session will give workshop delegates an opportunity to apply some of the techniques they have learnt in a role-play 'work the room' environment.

The workshop can be customised to your organisation's specific needs and can be conducted on a small or large-group basis. Ideally, the programme should include a cocktail reception, in which participants will be asked to work the room according to a specific formula, followed by constructive feedback and debriefing with the tutor.

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