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Top Team Together

This is a flexible programme of meetings, executive coaching sessions and group work that enables a management team to work together more effectively and achieve clearly defined objectives within a finite time-scale.

It is only when The Top Team (those leading the business) are committed to the same goals and are working effectively together that the business will succeed.

If you think your company has drifted away from this goal then a TTT programme would be ideal for you. It is a flexible series of meetings, executive coaching sessions and group work, which will enable your management team to work together to achieve clearly defined objectives within a finite timescale.

This course is ideal for any Top Team that feel they need to come together to re-clarify their business goals.

Our programme will improve your business performance in many areas including:

• Providing a methodology with which you can examine your business and identify major areas of change
• Creating the time and space for you and your team to think through future policies and strategies
• Helping you identify, work with and measure the critical success factors that will enhance your company's 'bottom line'
• Ensuring the decisions you reach, and the new processes and strategies you put into place, are effectively and efficiently disseminated throughout your organisation
• Giving you the opportunity to examine how your Top Team works together, by enhancing its performance to provide a role model for teams within your company and ensure the successful implementation of your new strategies.

While detailed content will differ, all TTT Programmes have at their core; a one day facilitated event. The timing of this event will depend on you and the team, together with our input. It will bring the Top Team together to discuss whichever issues have been diagnosed as being of primary importance. These could be for example:

• The need to focus on an integrated business policy
• To set a customer service agenda for the 21st Century
• To work in a more cohesive way
• To improve communications within the company

The actual areas to be covered are tailored to the individual needs of your organisation and would be finalised prior to the tutorial.

Everyone in the Top Team should attend and contribute to the day. Each individual will take away action plans for implementation. To ensure the day doesn't simply become an interesting debate the TTT Programme carries with it a vigorous business process driven by pre-agreed objectives. These are given measurement factors and are tied into time-scales and review processes. This ensures that building blocks for the future are in place and that the exercise is an ongoing commitment to bring about change and not a 'one off' wasted opportunity.

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