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a Crisis


Managing A Crisis

This programme will help organisations review, revise and implement crisis management strategy.

International Class’s Managing a Crisis tutorials are designed to help you create, review, revise and implement a crisis management system.

International Class provides a fully costed training package implemented over several days within as many months. It is designed to work with a small management team from your organisation to create a flexible, yet well understood, procedure for dealing with a crisis. The package allows you to 'game' potential scenarios and put into place a tested plan.


What Crisis?

The programme is designed to assist in anything that can have a direct financial bearing on the performance of your company or organisation. For example:

• Disaster (fire, natural disaster)
• Take-over or merger threats
• Criticism by pressure groups
• Negative media exposure
• Product recall

Typically the whole board of directors would need to be involved to ensure the programme to be a success

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