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A workshop to help individuals understand and practice the skills associated with successful and effective negotiations in the workplace.

When putting forward your views, your ideas are only as good as your ability to persuade and influence others to take action. The skill of influencing is a key component in building and sustaining collaborative working relationships. Combined with the study and practice of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP), our influencing tutorials are a proven method for improving communication, team building, sales results and general personal and professional success.

This course is ideal for individuals or small groups who are required to influence people on a regular basis in order to achieve effective performance.

Our programme will improve your abilities in many areas including how to:

• Read different personality types to build and maintain rapport
• Recognise and enrich your own preferred communication style
• Align your own beliefs with those necessary to achieve a business vision
• Interpret the level at which you need to work with others to create change
• Become skilled at turning negatives into positives
• Coach and inspire others to improve their own effectiveness

For individuals our programme typically consists of three half-day sessions spread over a 6 - 8 week period with further sessions as required, this can be adjusted for groups to full day sessions, or as part of a longer term programme. The actual areas to be covered are tailored to the needs of the individuals concerned, but will normally involve:

• Benchmarking and Assessment
• Behavioural Changes
• 'The Skills of Influencing' - putting it all together

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