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Dressing Down

for Business


Dressing Down for Business

Confused about the new smart/casual culture? This tutorial guides you in this environment. The 90's trend of 'Dressing Down' for business, with blue-chip companies shedding their stiff-suited image for a smart/casual culture has left some confusion in its wake.

The International Class approach is for our consultants to work with you to help you feel more comfortable with your appearance but ultimately gain the ability to use it as an effective tool!

This course is ideal for individuals or small groups who are involved in the 'Dress Down' culture but still want to convey the required image.

Our programme will improve your abilities in many areas including:

• Unique methodology
• The importance of the right image
• The importance of the right first impression
• How to identify the right style of clothes to the right body shape
• Understanding the psychology of colour and the importance of its use in influencing
• Attention to detail
• When casual becomes scruffy
• Adapting your business wardrobe
• Dressing to match or attain your position
• Meeting & Greeting

The actual areas to be covered are tailored to the individual needs of your organisation and would be finalised prior to the tutorial.

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