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Communicate with Clarity

A combined two day course of written and spoken communications.

International Class’s Communication tutorial provides a structured approach to achieving effective spoken and written communication in a wide range of demanding situations.

Our tutorial methodology is based on briefing sessions, recorded role-play using both high quality sound and video recording equipment followed by playback and discussions during which learning points are raised.

This programme is designed for groups of up to 12 delegates, the event provides two days of intensive learning and skill practice in all aspects of communication.

The event includes four mini-seminars dealing with everyday interpersonal communication issues.

Participants will be expected to submit, in advance, a document of their choosing typically a report, a letter or a memorandum.

For the Presentation Skills part of the programme, participants will also be asked to bring with them a prepared ten-minute presentation. (PowerPoint is preferred but less formal visual aids are acceptable).



During the tutorial participants will get the opportunity to deliver their presentation to camera, this will be played back and the course tutor will explain the strengths and weaknesses of the performance, aiming to build confidence in individual participants.

What Clients Will Learn:

• How to convey your chosen message to a range of audiences
• How to empathise with your audience
• Speaking with passion
• Effective use of props and visual aids including PowerPoint
• The power of effective timing
• Using body language and gestures to best effect
• The art of mirroring
• Use of positive language
• How to de-jargonise your presentation
• Presenting with impact
• How to write with clarity and influence
• What type of written communication to use and when
• How to write reports
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