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Business Image

Designed to give presence to your image, which will give that extra edge to your performance.

The International Class Image programme is designed to create a powerful, memorable and successful image for you, which will visually demonstrate your high profile, experience and potential in your chosen sector.

You will be given a colour analysis, and learn what types of clothes, accessories, dress style, hairstyle and make up (if necessary) you should wear to enhance your appearance and create the image you want.

You will be asked in advance to arrive dressed in the business outfit you feel most comfortable in, men will also be asked to bring a selection of ties.

The tutor will initially present an introduction to 'Business Image'. Our consultant will then analyse your genetic colouring and then more importantly instruct you on how to use it to influence people. This is then followed by a comprehensive style and Image analysis to determine the line and silhouette your clothes give you and the impression it can give.

At the end of the tutorial you will be given a personalised booklet summarising everything that was discussed during the tutorial as well as a colour wallet containing the colours most suited to you.

The benefits of this superior image coaching service will be immediately felt. In the business world in sales and marketing, presentations, interviews and many other situations where the outcome is vital and first impressions are lasting judgements, to be able to use this skill with image is invaluable.

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