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Animated Articulation

This program is aimed at helping executives who do not have English as their first language to improve their pronunciation and articulation.

The Animated Articulation programme is designed to help you if, whilst having a good command of the English language, find that your pronunciation is not as good as it should be, particularly when under pressure.

Our tutorial methodology is based on a combination of one to one tutorials, exercises and self-study.

We will show you how your choice of sentence structure, word stress and intonation will deeply influence the out come of a business deal, and how to manipulate this to your great advantage.

The needs of every individual and organisation differ and we therefore would be happy to arrange for our specialist Animated Articulation consultant to speak with you to discuss this in greater detail to determine your requirements and propose the best solution.


Animated Articulation starts by teaching you how to pronounce English words using a system of phonetics. Once you have mastered the phonetic system we can then help you to deliver your presentation fluently and confidently.

The course is made up of half day sessions, which are combined with a self-study programme of printed exercises and audiotapes.

Animated Articulation is designed to fit in with your busy schedule and will be tailored to your individual needs. Although the programme may be run over a period of time, the benefits of the Animated Articulation system are experienced within hours of starting the programme. We usually recommend a minimum of 10 half-day tutorial sessions but this will depend on the individual concerned and the amount of home study undertaken. Animated Articulation classes are not designed as a substitute to more traditional English lessons but to highly complement and deepen your understanding of business level communication.

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