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Presentation Skills


Advanced Presentation Skills

Tutorials for senior managers covering all aspects of preparing and delivering successful presentations.

If you lack clarity and confidence or feel you don't have the desired impact when making business presentations then this tailored programme is ideal for you. We will reinforce your natural talent, add new abilities and provide tailored coaching to maximise the benefit for you.

This programme is ideal for individuals or small groups who are required to make formal or informal presentations on a regular basis to anyone in business. Our holistic approach covers many areas including Influencing, Image/Impact and, Voice Development.

Our programme will improve your abilities in many areas including:

• How to prepare ten minute presentations in half an hour
• The relationship between the message, the audience and the medium
• The fundamental differences between the print environment and the spoken word
• How to convey your chosen message to a range of audiences
• How to empathise with your audience
• How to speak with passion
• How to effectively use props and visual aids
• The power of effective timing
• How body language and gestures can be used to best effect

For individuals our programme is modular and typically consists of up to seven half-day sessions spread over a 6 - 8 week period with a further 2 follow up sessions at six monthly intervals.

These modules cover:

• Benchmarking and Assessment
• Presentation follow up including aspects of Oratory
• Voice Development and Business Image
• Influencing
• 'The Perfect Presentation' - putting it all together

For groups we tailor our programmes to suit specific needs and can include the same topics in full day sessions.
The actual areas to be covered are tailored to the individual needs of your organisation and would be finalised prior to the tutorial.

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