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Advanced Media

Handling Skills


Advanced Media Handling Skills

Designed to enable senior executives to deal effectively with the media.

An important opportunity to promote yourself and of course, your organisation, is the ability to get the maximum impact from any media coverage. This means that when provided with a media opportunity it is important you have the skills to benefit from it. International Class uses this programme to enable clients to go into media situations aware of any possible pitfalls (traps) and more importantly, how to turn them into opportunities.

This programme is ideal for individuals or small groups who are required to deal with media situations at any time in business.

Our programme will improve your abilities in many areas including:

• The relationship between the message, the audience and the medium
• How the media works
• How to prepare
• Use of positive language
• What is 'news'
• How to avoid being manipulated
• How to tackle hostile questions
• How to turn disadvantage to advantage

Our programme is modular and typically consists of up to seven half-day sessions spread over a 6 - 8 week period with a further 2 follow sessions at six monthly intervals.

These modules cover:

• Benchmarking and Assessment
• Media skills follow up with practical interview experience
• Voice Development and Business Image
• Influencing
• 'The Perfect Interviewee' putting it all together

For groups we tailor our programmes to suit specific needs and can include the same topics in full day sessions.
The actual areas to be covered are tailored to the individual needs of your organisation and would be finalised prior to the tutorial.

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